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Structural Integrity Reserve Study

Miami Dade County and Broward County Building Recertification
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Structural Integrity Reserve Study

The study is used to set the reserve amount and it is conducted every 10 years for Condo/Cooperative buildings that are 3 stories or higher. The purpose is to determine the remaining useful life of various common building components for budgeting replacement.



To comprehensively grasp the structural functionality of the building and conduct a thorough structural assessment, we gather and review original design information, maintenance records, previous evaluations, and other pertinent documentation. Our analysis of historical data enables us to identify trends, patterns, and potential areas of concern.

Structural Assessment and

Next, we get up-close to your building! The designated Inspector will evaluate and examine the structural integrity and soundness of the requested structural elements. We utilize cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to identify any potential weaknesses, defects, or hazards that may not be readily apparent from historical data alone.

SIRS Report

Following a meticulous inspection, a comprehensive and signed report will be provided, sealed by a licensed engineer. This report serves as your roadmap for future maintenance and financial planning. It details the condition of all identified structural components, their anticipated lifespan, and projected costs for repairs, replacements, and maintenance over the next 10 to 15 years.

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We’ve collaborated with skilled and seasoned engineers, here are a few…

Raissa Lopez - Structural Engineer

Raissa Lopez, PE

20 years of experience

Raissa Lopez, boasting over two decades of expertise as a Structural Engineer, currently serves as the President of Eastern Engineering Group.

Gonzalo A. Paz is a Structural Engineer

Gonzalo Paz, PE

20 years of experience

Gonzalo A. Paz, an accomplished Structural Engineer with more than two decades of experience, holds the position of Vice President at Eastern Engineering Group. His portfolio includes conducting over 400 Recertification inspections, encompassing projects for public entities.

Carlos Rodriguez is an Electrical Engineer

Carlos Rodriguez, PE

25 years of experience

Carlos Rodriguez, an Electrical Engineer with a wealth of experience exceeding 25 years, currently leads as the President of Rodriguez Anglin Professional Design.

Alexis Martinez is a Structural Engineer

Alexis Martinez, PE

10 years of experience

Alexis Martinez, a seasoned Structural Engineer with a decade of expertise, holds the position of Director within the Structural Engineering Division at Eastern Engineering Group.

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What is a Structural Integrity Reserve Study?

A Structural Integrity Reserve Study is a meticulously planned and executed assessment aimed at evaluating the condition of a property’s major components, anticipating their life cycles, and estimating the associated repair or replacement costs over time.

What should the Structural Integrity Reserve Study Include?

Structural Integrity Reserve Study should identify the common areas being visually inspected, state the remaining expected useful life and replacement costs, and provide a recommended annual reserve amount that achieves the replacement or deferred maintenance costs of elements being visually inspected by the end of remaining useful life. The amount reserved for an item will be determined by the most recent structural integrity reserve study.

Are the components examined by SIRS in buildings always the same?

No, they aren’t. The specific components examined in a SIRS can vary based on the building’s type, age, usage, and regional factors.

Who performs a Structural Integrity Reserve Study?

Reserve studies are conducted by experienced professionals, such as structural engineers and financial analysts, who possess the expertise to assess structures comprehensively.

What is the importance of skilled professionals in conducting a Structural Integrity Reserve Study?

Skilled professionals play a pivotal role in the success and reliability of a Structural Integrity Reserve Study. With expertise in various relevant fields, such as structural engineering, financial analysis, and industry best practices, these professionals bring indispensable value to the study’s outcomes. Their involvement ensures meticulous property inspections, sound financial planning, and the application of industry standards, all of which contribute to the study’s accuracy and effectiveness.
Structural engineers are essential in assessing the condition of a property’s major components, identifying potential weaknesses, and estimating their remaining life cycles. Their technical knowledge allows them to pinpoint structural vulnerabilities that might otherwise go unnoticed, enabling proactive measures to be taken to address these issues.
Financial analysts play a crucial role in the study by providing insights into the long-term financial planning required to maintain the property’s integrity and functionality. They help estimate the costs of repairs and replacements over time, ensuring that adequate funds are set aside for these future needs.
Industry experts contribute their experience and understanding of best practices in property management and maintenance. Their insights help shape the study’s recommendations, guiding property owners and managers toward responsible decision-making and effective asset management.
By leveraging accurate assessment technologies and the collective expertise of these professionals, the reserve study becomes a beacon of dependable guidance for property owners and managers. It empowers stakeholders to make informed choices, protecting the building’s structural integrity and ensuring its financial well-being for the years to come. In essence, the involvement of skilled professionals elevates the reserve study to a cornerstone of responsible asset management.

Who is required to undergo a Structural Integrity Reserve Study in Florida?

The study is mandatory for buildings with a height of three (3) stories or more, and for associations established on or before July 1, 2022, and under the control of unit owners, the study should be finalized by December 31, 2024.

Who can receive and review the study?

A copy of this study is considered an official record, is open to inspection by association members/authorized representatives and must be kept by the association for 15 years.

How often should a reserve study be conducted?

The frequency of reserve studies depends on various factors, including the complexity and age of the structure, as well as local regulations and industry best practices. Typically, reserve studies are performed every few years to ensure accurate and up-to-date assessments of the property’s condition and financial requirements.
Conducting reserve studies at regular intervals allows property owners and managers to stay proactive in their approach to asset management. It ensures that any changes or developments in the property’s condition are promptly identified, and appropriate adjustments can be made to the maintenance and financial planning strategies. Regular reserve studies provide a roadmap for maintaining the property’s long-term health, safety, and financial well-being.

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Eastern Engineering Group specializes in conducting Structural Integrity Reserve Studies (SIRS). To thoroughly assess a building's structural functionality, we review original design information, maintenance records, and previous evaluations. Our analysis identifies trends and potential concerns. A Professional Engineer will inspect the site, using advanced technology to evaluate structural integrity. After the inspection, we provide a comprehensive report sealed by a licensed engineer, detailing the condition of structural components, their anticipated lifespan, and projected costs for future maintenance and repairs over the next 10 to 15 years.

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